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A search for meaning, purpose, and joy. The annual quest for Christmas.

Normally the print button will take you to a new window. Currently you are not registered, so the print button does not work.

The main purpose of a Clue Card is to validate that the correct object has been found in the Treasure Hunt. The Clue Card above on the right is an example of the cards used in our game.  Once Searchers (participants) find a card, those who have mobile devices with a camera can use the QR code reader below each riddle to scan the QR code and then view directly on their mobile device the Calendar window that opens to the next Treasure and Riddle page. 

A registered Servant (Set-up Person) will have the ability to print all 25 cards for the Advent/Christmas season.

The card on the left is simply a quick access to the home page of our website for introducing others to . 

These cards are not necessary in order to use the Advent Calendar. They are only required if you plan to play the physical part of the Treasure Hunt in your home.


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