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A search for meaning, purpose, and joy. The annual quest for Christmas.

Each of the print buttons will take you to a new tab or window. At the top of each tab or window is a print option or dropdown menu to print. Once you have completed printing, select the tab or window near the top to return here.

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The main purpose of a card is to validate that the correct object has been found. The Clue Cards above are examples of the cards used in our game. Both have QR codes, and the one on the right Searchers (participants) can use to open the intended window on the Calendar, but the QR codes are not necessary to play. Searchers, who have mobile devices with an optical scanner, can scan the code and then go directly to the window that opens to a Treasure and Riddle page. The URL address at the bottom of each card will take you to the home page of our website.

The QR code on the left card is simply a quick access to the home page of our website. The card on the right is the beginning of the game and the December 1 Clue Card, which will open the Calendar window once the user is registered. A registered Servant (parent or adult) will have the ability to print all 25 cards for the Advent/Christmas season. If you like our offering, give the "Find" cards, as pictured on the left, to friends.  Five of these "Find" cards are available on the print-out of Clue Cards pg3.

These cards are not necessary in order to use the  Advent Calendar. They are only required if you plan to play the physical part of the Treasure Hunt.  Regular 8.5" x 11" lite card stock or heavy bond paper will work and manual cutting is required. Regular paper is fine as well.


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