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A search for meaning, purpose, and joy. The annual quest for Christmas.

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The online Advent Calendar board with 25 numbered windows and doors is our centerpiece and resembles the Advent calendar tradition (link will appear in a new tab or window).

Each day during the Christmas or Advent Season, the role of Searchers (participants) is to open a window or door on the Calendar. December 1 window opens for the Searchers to start the game. It is opened by clicking on the December 1 Calendar window or scanning the December 1 Clue Card. It reveals a Treasure and a Riddle, which is the next day’s key to open the December 2 window.

Solve the Riddle by determining the object described and by hints provided by your Servant (parent or adult). Searchers confirm their find the next day, December 2, when a Clue Card is found near the object. The game continues thereafter with each new day’s window offering – a Treasure and a Riddle.

Note that a registered and logged-in Servant will need to set-up the physical game for the Searchers, by printing out the Clue Cards and hiding them by the appropriate objects.


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