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A search for meaning, purpose, and joy. The annual quest for Christmas.

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Here at Advent Search we understand the hesitancy to give-out email information. That is why we have made this site SSL secure with encryption. Rest assured that we will maintain your privacy and will not sell or give your email address information to anyone. The purpose for attaining an email is for security reasons, to control access to the Advent Calendar, and to identify users by roles (Servants and Searchers).

This website is available to anyone searching for truth and there is no cost for its use. There is however, a great cost if we stop seeking the truth.

A registered user becomes the Setup Person (Servant) for the game. If you wish to be a player instead, do not register. Find someone else to setup the game; such as a parent or adult with basic computer skills.

Each registration requires a unique email address. Passwords should have at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 number and at least 8 characters. Contact support at the email above, if you have a problem.


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